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Treatment Sessions

More Then Reiki

Individualized treatment sessions are specifically designed to meet your needs.
Using my training in Reiki, Etheric Healing and other modalities, I provide you a unique session that will address your most pressing emotional, physical and spiritual needs. By assessing your physical and energetic fields, I assist you in connecting more deeply to yourself and your Knowing. The more deeply you are connected, the more readily you receive your guidance. Past lives, energetic presence and whatever is needed, at this time, to shift and move you forward is addressed.

If you have any questions about sessions, please feel free to contact me. :)

In Person (Bradford Location)
1 hour - $80.00

Remote Session (Via Phone)

45 minutes - $60.00
In this length of Session 2-3 issues may be addressed

30 minutes - $40.00
In this length of Session 1 major issue or 2 smaller issues may be addresses

Personal Meditation/Mini Treatment*
20 minutes (approximately) - $20.00
This treatment is recorded only for You and delivered to you via email. This is a mini treatment and meditation rolled into one.
You may replay this recording as often as desired to open you to your personal meditation space.
* An appointment time is not necessary as you do not need to be present or on the phone for this session. Your Personal Meditation/Mini Treatment will be recorded and an email sent to you with in 7 days. If you require it sooner please email me to make those arrangements. :)

All Rates are in CAD. Conversion can be provided.


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