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So How the Heck do I Be Present?

So How the Heck do I Be Present?
Be Present! Your Power is in the Present! You only have Now! You may have heard all of these and more and it all sounds good but...  How the heck do I Be Present? Our minds are racing about what we just said or that conversation we are going to have.  Living and reliving moments, over and over again. The mind takes us there, to that place of being busy. Being Present feels very different than that. Lets use some examples. You are walking along and then stub your toe on something. In that moment, the only thing you can think of is your toe and how much it hurts. You are so present then because everything about that situation brings you to the present moment. Even briefly, you aren't thinking about the bills that are due or how what you ate for breakfast isn't digesting well. That is Being...
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