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Courses and Events

If you are interested in one of the courses please let me know. I am happy to hear from you and coordinate a date. Classes generally run either a Friday or a Saturday. Full day classes are from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

Reiki I - Certification Course

A beautiful introduction to your intuitive side with this first level of Reiki training. Learn to use Reiki to treat yourself and others. A full day class which provides an opportunity to learn the given material and to practice it as well. First attunement given.

Date: TBA


Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: 28 Bronze Cres.
Bradford, Ontario
Cost: $150.00

* Manual provided
* No prerequisite
* Class size limited to 4 participants

Reiki II - Certification Course

Build on what you have studied in the Reiki I course. Develop a deeper practice with more "tools" to assist you with this level. Begin distance work as well. This is a full day class with the opportunity to receive your attunement and practice. Included in this course is an optional private 30 minute treatment with me. Many people like to receive additional support pre or post attunement. This is scheduled privately.

Date: TBA
Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Bradford Location
Cost: $185.00

* Manual provided
* Prerequisite: Reiki I
* Class size limited to 4 participants

Reiki Master

Take your practice to the next level. Additional skills acquired and Master level attunement given. This course is for those people who want to continue to deepen their practice. This full day class does not include the teaching component.

Cost: $225.00
* Prerequisite: Reiki II

Reiki Master  -  Teacher level

This course is an additional course for those who want to teach Reiki to others. It is my philosophy, that to teach, you need not only to have studied and practised the material but you must understand it at a very deep level as well. To impart this to others is a great gift and must be both cherished and taken seriously. This class will offer more practical guidelines for structuring a class and ideas for writing your own manuals. There will be opportunities to practice your teaching skills. This is a multi-day individualized course completed over a 2-6 month period. An established practice is recommended. Bring your questions.

Cost: $350.00
* Prerequisite: Reiki Master


21 Days of Meditation

Receive a newly recorded daily meditation in your inbox for 21 Days. Take this time to open up your established meditation practice or begin a new practice. Enjoy using these 21 days to establish a routine and open up to your inner guidance. Each meditation is 15 - 25 minutes and are downloadable for you to keep and repeat if you so desire. A new series begins at the beginning of each month. You may choose to do one series at a time or more. It is really up to you. :)
Cost: $21.00 * Prerequisite: none


November 2017

"No" - vember

We are often socialize to say "Yes" to please others.
Saying "No" may often feel alarming.

In this series we will explore our own personal boundaries.
When we say Yes and when we say No.

We will be looking at those patterns that create that automatic "Yes" and explode how we feel when we say "No". 

We often don't even realize how prevelent these patterns are.

Let's get in there and find your Trueness!

Yes, No is a complete sentence. :)

***** Details:

Guided Meditations delivered to your inbox daily for 21 days.

Dates: November, 1st - 21st, 2017 
Place: Where ever you are!
Cost: $21.00 for 21 Guided Meditations
Sign Up Herehttp://bit.ly/2yH0th8
Meditations are newly recorded daily to reflect the group involved. No two series are ever the same. 
Each meditation is between 15 - 25 minutes in length.

Guided Meditation - Listen and follow along.

Deep healing meditations can create major shifts and awakenings. These can create a detox effect. This is not the case for everyone but it is important to note and allow time for your personal grown during this series. 
With great love and respect,

****** Sign up Here: ******




Individualized Meditation

I will record a personal meditation exclusively for you. This is a combination of a meditation and a mini treatment. A specific issue or concern may be addresses. This meditation will run 15-20 minutes.
Cost: $15.00


Coming Soon


Celebrating 1111 meditations recorded.

More information coming for January! :)






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